Blessed John

the Wonderworker

One of the most striking events in the Orthodox Church in recent years has been the extraordinary response to the remarkable life of the reposed leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop John Maximovitch (1896-1966). He served the Church as bishop, first of Shanghai in the Far East, then of Western Europe, in Paris and Brussels, and finally of Western America in San Francisco.

Manifesting many contrasting forms of sanctity, he was at once a God-inspired theologian and a "Fool-for-Christ," a zealous missionary leader and a feeder of the poor, a severe ascetic and a loving father to orphans. Like Moses, he delivered his flock from oppression, bringing it from communist China to the free world; like the first apostles, he was given power from God to heal wounded souls and ailing bodies.

"He organized a home for orphans and the children of needy parents. Vladika himself gathered sick and starving children off the streets and dark alleys of Shanghai's slums. Beginning with eight children, the orphanage later housed up to a hundred children at one time, and some 3,500 in all."

"... But in place of myself, as my soul, as my heart, I am sending you Vladika Bishop John. This little, frail man, looking almost like a child, is in actuality a miracle of ascetic firmness and strictness in our time of total spiritual enfeeblement." - excerpts from BLESSED JOHN THE WONDERWORKER

A man of intense and ceaseless prayer, he was a genuine Holy Elder in the tradition of the great Russian startsi. Piercing the veil of time and space, he would mystically hear and answer people's thoughts before they would express them. Now in heaven, he continues to visit and pray for those who call upon him, as is attested by miracles and healings which are now being chronicled around the world.

BLESSED JOHN THE WONDERWORKER offers abundant source materials on the life of this contemporary apostolic Church leader, a pictorial biography and the first verified collection of 100 personal testimonies of his sanctity. Focusing on God's presence, through the experience and impact of one man, this book provides a key for those seeking a life of true holiness in our times.

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