Heavenly Wisdom from God-illumined Teachers

Modern society is Godless. Godless not because man doesn't need God, but because he forgets God. The loneliness which results from forgetfulnes of God becomes unbearable for the soul and produces dissatisfaction, despondency and despair. In the attempt to build "paradise" on earth and relieve this loneliness, man instead builds artificial golden cages which imprison the human spirit, depriving it of spiritual freedom.

Depression, a modern word for hopelessness, is especially prevalent in our times, demanding a remedy. Presented here is a brief life of a healer of depression of our century, Eldress Maria of Gatchina, together with a treasury of eternal teachings from the holy Fathers and Mothers throughout the ages who taught from personal experience how to fly out of the cage of despair. These teachings have already helped millions of people to overcome the demonic spirit of depression and attain freedom.

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